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About us.

The company  “SAČ”  is built upon an old baking company called “Vladika”, which was founded in 1990 in Podgorica. In 12 years of existence z.p.r “Vladika” formed an exemplary image which has much into account product quality and compliance with its obligations within the deadlines and quality of product agreed.

His wealth of experience and his great name comes from 12 years of work in the baking

" SAČ " SA has strengthened its working relationship with the company "IREKS GmbH" 
from Kulmbach – Germany, in particular with its subcontracted company called "IREKS Aroma" from Zagreb.

“IREKS GmbH” is one of the leading international supplier of add-ons for bread-making with production sites in Germany and many other countries around the world. Tradition in IREKS tradition dates back to the year 1856. Firms belonging to the group “IREKS” have more than 1800 workers hired. Bakeries in over 70 countries use quality products from “IREKS” which are prepared with the best raw materials and with the best technology. The certificate ISO 9001 and HACCP concept, are proof that "IREKS" is doing everything to ensure the production of the product with the highest quality.
In many countries, customers are offered practical seminars, performed by experts in “IREKS” bakery centers. IREKS GmbH and the associated companies offer their customers a complete service in all matters related to bread-making. "IREKS Aroma" is the successor of the Company "Chromos Aroma" which was founded in the 50's of last century. After privatized in mid-1993 "Chromos Aroma" becomes the IREKS daughter company from Kulmbacher witch is one of the leading producers of add-ons for bread-making and cakes.

The company counts with modern engines manufactured for the production of  Jastrebarsko for the production of add-ons for bakery products, meat products, food for livestock; engines for the processing of medicinal and aromatic plants in Dragovanjscaju part of Jastrebarskog and also engines for the production of aromatic components and aromas in Zagreb in witch with the support of relevant development and quality control laboratories the maximum level of product quality is ensured. All products "IREKS aroma" are produced with the upmost care for the environment and are based on raw materials of the highest quality which allows "IREKS aroma" take the role of leading the market in all programs of production.
There is concern that the product "IREKS" not cease in office.


This is why in 1996 was created a communication center in Jastrebarskom, which allows with its equipment to train bakers.This is also connected to the laboratories for the production of components for meat products witch allows the professionals in those tasks an easy and fast preparation of the “IREKS” products.
"IREKS AROMA" offers its partners a continued progress, new ideas and possibilities.

" SAČ " from Podgorica and "IREKS AROMA" from Zagreb signed a contract for trade relationships in which is agreed that the company "SAC" has the exclusive right to import and distribute products "IREKS AROMA" in the republic of Montenegro of:

1.  Add-ons for bread-making and baking industry.
2. Add-ons for the meat industry.
3. Add-ons and aromas for the livestock feeding industry.
4. All other products "Ireks Aroma" on stock.

From the day of signing the contract we have entered the scene together in to Montenegro’s  market’s place and in a short period of time we converted our selves in an important factor in the Montenegro’s baking industry.
So today all Montenegro’s serious bakeries that are characterized by the quality of their offerings, in several of its range of products have several of our products.
We will mention just some of them, such as:

„INPEK“, „PRIMAT“, „ANĐELA“, “JASTREB“-Podgorica; „KODRE“, „BENI KOMERC“ Ulcinj; „PRIMORKA“ -Bar; „ORBIS“-Budva;“BSD“-Tivat; “ALEKSANDRIJA“-Bijela; Pekara „ŠUŠIĆ“ Herceg Novi; „UNIPROM“ i „NIKPEK“-Nikšić;“KRISMA BJELASICA“ -Bijelo Polje; „ŽITOPRODUKT“-Pljevlja ...

Some of these bakeries have been decorated in international fairs with gold medals to quality, thanks to the quality of some of our products, such as: Sovital,Fitty, Fit berry,Karibik specijal,Klostersonne,Pasta acida...

All products have the health certificate(specifications of production and health certificate) and the guarantee that have not been treated with genetics.
What else to say in this introduction, just to wish you to enjoy the look of our products and  also to invite you to appreciate the smell and taste of  our products by yourselves.

Relax, enjoy and do not forget our motto:


  SAČ d.o.o.
adress: Ul.4 Jul br.62, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

tel.fax: +38220 633 987, mob: +382 69 010 766, +382 67 610 766
email: sach-ireks@cg.yu, sach_irex@cg.yu
Improvers and mixes for bakeries and confectioneries, additives for the meat industry, additives and flavours for animal feed, flavourings and colours for all purposes, additional aids for the production of wine, beer and fruit juices, herbal extracts, essential oils and fragrances.
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